At Veganees, we draw our inspiration from all of Southeast Asia. We've integrated Vietnamese cuisine and earned our reputation as the best (vegan) Vietnamese restaurant in Amsterdam. If you crave exceptionally delicious Vietnamese cuisine while staying entirely plant-based, you've come to the right place.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its robust flavors and healthy dishes. Our Amsterdam take on Vietnamese food features an abundance of fresh herbs, vegetables, and noodles or rice. Always freshly prepared according to age-old recipes. Typical dishes in Vietnamese cuisine include Spring Rolls, Pho and Summer Rolls. At De Veganees, we give many classics Vietnames dishes a modern (vegan) twist.

Our Vietnamese inspiration

Veganees stands out as the premier Vietnamese restaurant when it comes to Vietnamese street food in Amsterdam. Our chef uses fresh ingredients and prepares the Pho broth in the traditional way. With fresh carrots, Daikon and rice noodles, it's a delightful steaming bowl of happiness! How about a freshly rolled summer roll? A rice paper roll bursting with flavors of mint, basil, and perfectly seasoned tofu. Dip it in the traditional Nuoc Cham sauce, and you won't believe your taste buds! All our dishes are 100% vegan and free from animal products without compromising on taste. Curious about our full menu? Check out our menu.

The Vietnamese Bar

Don't forget to explore our Vietnamese beverages on the drinks menu. Especially the Vietnamese drip coffee is one you don't want to miss after a delightful lunch. A bit of condensed coconut milk in the glass, and you'll feel transported back to the colorful and warm Vietnam.

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